5 Most popular Thai takeaway dishes

Thai food is one of the most popular cuisines that we can find in the UK restaurant menus. This cuisine type pays more attention to detail than any other. Another plus is how quickly it is to prepare most Thai dishes, making it a great option for when you don’t want to wait a long time, when ordering a tasty takeaway online. The combination of flavours, appearance and the appetizing smell make for a delicious and fulfilling meal.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular Thai food dishes.

 Pad Thai

Pad-Thai Tastyfind

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This noodle dish made with stir fried rice noodles, vegetables, beansprouts, egg, crushed peanuts and garlic is probably the most famous Thai dish. It can be found in any restaurant or any shop selling Thai food. You can add some protein like chicken, shrimp or crab. Whatever your option is, any of them will mix really well. In case you prefer veggie , you can go for Tofu instead. Because of its quick preparation you can easily find it in street markets or to order online as a takeaway.

Tom Yum Goong

tom yum goong tasty find

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Not as popular as Pad Thai but it ranks better in most of the world’s food ranking websites. In fact, a couple of years ago, CNN Travel ranked it as #1 in “World’s 50 best foods“. Tom Yum Goong is a sour soup with a combination of flavours with a high level of spicy. Tom Yum Goong is the most popular within the Tom Yum family. It is served with prawns. If you don’t like prawns, Tom Yum Gai can be an alternative since it uses chicken instead. It is said that the soup also works as a remedy for cold and flu due to the herbs it contains.

Massaman curry

Massaman curry takeaway tastyfind

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If you like the taste of coconut milk than you should definitely try this one. It normally comes with beef but it can also be served with chicken or lamb. Some restaurants serve with prawns but it’s not as very popular. It goes really well with jasmine rice or coconut rice. A must try.

Green curry


(image source: http://goo.gl/ir5OWd)

This dish comes with, literally, green curry. The curry colour is so predominant that they decided to named it as green curry. The colour comes from the green chillies, which adds a spicy flavour to the dish. Fish sauce or shrimp paste can be added  to  go along with the spicy that comes from the chillies. This specific dish is very hard to make and you will find different variations of it. An easy way to distinguish is the colour. Some places will serve it with a beige colour due to the ingredients they used to prepare the curry.

khao soi

khao soi

(image source: http://goo.gl/k2H373)

It’s a Thai noodle dish from the Chian Mai region of northern Thailand. The name means Khao = rice and Soi = Cut and traditionally the noodles are hand cut into thin strips. Egg noodles are the main component, along with curry paste and spicy coconut milk. Most of the time it’s served with chicken or beef. What makes it so different from all other Thai dishes is that the curry paste doesn’t contain any of the usually strong ingredients like lemon grass, shrimp, galangal or garlic. Not every Thai restaurant in the UK serves this excellent dish. However it’s still possible to find some restaurants serving it or to order it online.

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