Boys night in

Despite the UK having slowly crawled its way out of the recession, more people than ever are still opting to dine in on weekends and special occasions, and it’s easy to see why!  Eating out in the UK (particularly London) is mostly extremely expensive. Entertaining friends at home for dinner, drinks or for pre-drinks before going out clubbing is a far more desirable option; the boys night in is the new boys night out!Dining in with friends is far more cost effective, allows people to arrive in their own time and choose what they’d like to eat individually as part of a group takeaway order, eat in the comfort of someone’s home, and for many people, the comfort of being able to smoke inside since the European ban on smoking in public places.
Hosting your own dine in evenings allows you to set your own ambiance, with mood lighting and your very own uniquely eclectic music playlist. You also get to choose whether to wear shoes or slippers, which is a comfort that ought not to be sniffed at…It may just be us, but there’s nothing much more depressing than making the effort to go out on those rare occasions, and being bitterly let down by the quality of the food, the service and the surroundings. We are avid dine in crusaders, and the majority of our team never go out anymore.

Here are a few tips to host the ultimate Boy’s night in;
1. Keep things simple; put on some background music, put out a few snacks and order in takeout food; less stress and minimal clearing up to do; ‘’Winning!’’
2. Have 3 or 4 drink options to offer your guests; beer, cocktails (manly ones of course) or a good ole’ fashioned ‘man’ spirit and mixers.  Check out some manly cocktail recipes here
3. Play manly drinking games; ring of fire is possibly one of the funniest games known to all mankind.  If you have not played it before, check out the rules here
4. Have a selection of comedy, thriller and horror movies if you are all staying in all night rather than heading off to a club later in the evening
5. If you plan on just hosting pre-drinks before hitting a local nightclub, order taxis at least an hour in advance to beat the weekend bookings
6. Vodka jelly is always a good idea! Even more so if presented creatively (see below) Make these colourful jello shots by cutting oranges in half, taking out the fruit, then adding the alcohol and jelly

7. If you don’t have the budget to stretch to the rather lovely ice luge shaped like breasts (below), boobie ice cube trays are the next best thing…


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