Favourite Aha! food moments in Christmas films


It’s just a week away from the long-awaited Christmas day! We are all dreaming about all the things we will be doing! (such as watching TV all day tirelessly in your pjs, especially those Christmas films you’ve seen million times before with some munchies). Food and films are probably two of the most comforting joys in the holiday season. We never get tired of Christmas films that bring back delicious memories of our own.

This year is no exception. On that note, we would like to dish out a list of Christmas classic films with aha food moments- “Aha moments” when we get reminded of the goodness of food, drinks and quality time with family and friends in life.

The Classics

It’s a wonderful life

It’s the absolute all-time classics. George’s difficult winter of struggle and broken-heart meets his guardian angel Clarence. It’s a feel-good film that makes you feel hugged with warm Christmas feelings. The film reminds you of good in people and not only that, it reminds you of warm cosiness in winter drinks too! It’s the scene where Clarence orders mulled wine at the bar. Nowadays we see mulled wine made out of a cheap concoction of wine and juice, but we can spice it up nicely with “heavy on the cinnamon and light on the cloves”!

(Ordering mulled wine: photo: michaelstvtray.com)

A Christmas Carol

Is your favourite version “The muppet” one or the original? Our favourite is the classic 1938 version. The famous Christmas dinner scene when the Cratchit family gets so excited about a flaming Christmas pudding! Christmas pudding is THE puddest of pud. There is something exciting about the whole tradition of flaming the pudding with brandy and finishing off with a drizzle of cream. Though Christmas pudding might give out the impression of being stodgy and very dry it can be made moist and light when it’s done right. It’s a classic must-have.

(Flaming “Plum” pudding from Christmas Carol

photo: cedmagic.com)

These films might not be the most shown films on TV but they are the classics you want to blockbuster for. And here are some more Christmas classics.

A Christmas story

This classic reminds you that it doesn’t matter if we don’t have turkey as long as we have our family with us. The family heads to a local Chinese restaurant after their turkey gets stolen by their neighbours’ hungry dogs. It’s the image of the family chuckling over a smiley roast duck that warms our heart. And there is the famous quote that goes “That Christmas will live in our memory as the Christmas when we were introduced to Chinese turkey.” Christmas doesn’t necessarily need to involve turkey. Just imagine crispy skin with juicy moist meat on a wrap with veggies, eaten handheld in a circle of family and friends. Duck is the new turkey!

(Peking duck: photo: carterpottery.blogspot.com)

Home Alone

We’ve never met anyone who hasn’t seen this film and its sequels. Macaulay Culkin’s hit films that you can watch and enjoy over and over again. This kid enjoys being alone in an empty house away from his family and makes the most out of it! We’re sure all of us, at some point, must have thought as a child “God I wanna do that! Spending Christmas on my own doing everything I’ve always wanted to do (but would be grounded) and eating everything and anything I want!” Which food Macaulay ate grabbed more of your attention? Was it the Mac and Cheese? A bowlful, gigantic, all-American size ice cream sundae? Or a cheesy pizza? They are so comforting and indulging not only for kids but also for us adults. These dishes might be your daily life but they taste even better on Christmas day!

(A large heap of Ice cream! : photo: bottomlesswit.com)


When Will Ferrell is not reading news as anchorman with the proud moustache of his, he is Buddy, an elf-raised human! As Buddy says Elf’s food groups consist of candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup! Do you remember the dinner scene when Buddy pours syrup and sprinkles marshmallows on his spaghetti? Is it hmmmm yum moment or urghh yuck moment? For your dinner we would suggest spaghetti meals minus the syrup! And just enjoy the stringy fun of spaghetti yum yum!

(Spaghetti with some syrup? :photo: goodfoodstories.com)


What is your favourite Christmas film of all time? We want to know!

Is it Santa Klaus? Is it Grinch? Is it Planes, trains and automobiles? Whatever your favourite is, those aha food moments in the films can be inspiration to your Christmas lunch and dinner. Whether you are spending it with your family or spending it with your mates, make up your own perfect Christmas meal! Get together, cosy-up in front of TV and just enjoy, it’s Christmas!

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