Halloween party food and nibbles


Just as the daylight saving time kicks in, comes Halloween. The clock change always brings us mixed feelings of joy (1 more hour of sleep!) and sadness (Winter coming..). We need excuses to par-tay! Busy planning a party and looking for a costume to impress? A couple of shots of tequila and a jug of Sangria might get you through the night, but it also calls for scarily and hauntingly delicious tasty bites! This article won’t include cutesy ghost cupcakes and witch’s finger sausage rolls though! It’s all about a wickedly tasty Halloween dinner for adults!  (photo: http://goo.gl/du37Jn)

Pumpkin, Jack-o-lantern deliciousness

Mr. Jack o’ not only makes the staple ornament but also makes absolutely delicious accompaniments to the night! From savoury dishes to sweet desserts, pumpkin is so versatile and so delish! If you love pumpkin in desserts and want to taste it in something else but pumpkin pies, why don’t you opt for Thai desserts, Pumpkin in sweet coconut cream (Kaeng Buat Fak Thong) or inside-out pumpkin pie (Sankaya)? Prefer something crispier? Then how about Spanish deep-fried pumpkin doughnut, bunuelos de calabaza? Fluffy sweet pumpkin at its best! And for savoury dishes, Kabocha Pumpkin is absolutely delicious in light and crispy Tempura batter, Pumpkin tempura! The subtle sweetness of pumpkin complements spiciness of Thai curry, Thai chicken and pumpkin curry (Gang Dang Fak Tong), it’s nutritious delicious. Pumpkin is often used in Italian favourites such as gnocci and ravioli, and it always gives out the wow factor! Pumpkin ravioli with sage butter, mushrooms and cheese is a classic that never goes out of style. It just goes to show the sweet tenderness of pumpkins is always so pampering and mix so well with any type of flavours and cuisines you like!



(Pumpkin deep-fried yumminess: Bunuelos de Calabaza – Photo: http://goo.gl/yQ8hnG)

Chili heat to pop your eyes out!

There is nothing scarier than scorching heat of Mr. Chilli! The greatest nibble of all time (that goes so well in any occasion for that matter!) is a pile of nachos with Jalapeno chillies and dips! In Mexico, Halloween is known as ‘Day of the dead’ and is celebrated big. So Mexican food should definitely serve the purpose! Whether it’s a hot juicy Fajita, Smiley Tacos or woozing cheesy Enchiladas, or Chili con carne, the mix of heat, juicy meat and tantalizing smells of herbs is possessing! If Mexican food is not your thing, then take an easy guess. It’s Indian curries. If you’re brave enough to try the real “eye- poppingley” hot Phaal curry, by all means! But it’s not guaranteed that you would make through the heat! And yes there is Madras and Jalfrezi but how about the next hot thing, Vindaloo? This classic curry is a concoction of wine, garlic and the heat. Curry meats Mediterranean. Looking for something easier for the guests to put their craws on? How about Peri Peri chicken? Or peperoni pizza with extra salami and hot chili pepper sauce? It’s so hard to find someone who don’t like these dishes and it is surely a great way to kick start the party.

chilli curry

(Chilli-based curry is the next hot thing!: Vindaloo – Photo: http://goo.gl/fkxx2i )

Gross or Genius?

Ok, so it’s Halloween after all. And we need something that is a little different from usual. Squid-ink pasta might not be the most attractive-looking thing to many people but its deliciousness untangles the mystery! It can be as simple as the Squid-ink pasta with garlic, olive oil, a pinch of black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. Or it can be made even more sumptuous with shrimps and scallops. Once you try it, you wouldn’t want to eat any other past dishes! Squid’s tentacles also known as Calamari might make you squeamish but it’s becoming more and more popular these days and there is a reason for that! Its soft and slight sweetness are amazing, be it in seafood paella or simply deep-fried in batter with a splash of lemon. And how about Ikura (salmon roe) with Sushi rice or caviar with Russian Blini pancake? If you get past the appearances of these exquisite delicacies, they are absolutely tantalizing and addicting. For dessert, try tapioca pearls in a coconut milk broth and mango! Transparent tapioca pearls might remind you of something you wouldn’t dare to put in your mouth but they are scrumptious and delicious!

Squid-ink pasta

(How about some wild witch’s hair for the Halloween dinner?- Squid-ink pasta – Photo: http://goo.gl/MJZqVD )

So here they are, the terrifyingly delightful suggestions for the Halloween dinner! Whether it’s a goofy Halloween party with your little monsters or an adult-only night of horror, enjoy a magical Halloween party with wicked food!!



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