Some of the best italian takeaway food

With more than eight thousand takeaway restaurants in the UK, Italian food is one of the most popular and well known cuisine types worldwide. It is famous not only for their tasty pizzas but also for their many other delicious dishes.

If you’re in a new city and not in the mood to try out new dishes, Italian is always a good bet. We already covered some of the best pizzas on another blog post, so this time we’ll be focusing on the other,  but equally, mouth watering Italian dishes.


Caprese Salad

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It’s common to have a Caprese salad as a starter instead of a side dish. It’s fresh, simple and tasty. This food, couldn’t be more representative of Italy,  containing all the italian flag colours.

There are restaurants that serve Caprese Salad with a twist to the traditional recipe (balsamic vinegar, bread and/or oregano), but the authentic Caprese is made with tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and basil with a little bit of salt and olive oil.



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Or in Italian, Lasagne – it is not just Garfield’s favourite dish! The name Lasagna refers to the pot where the dish is cooked rather than the food itself.

It is prefect if you are having a house party, not just because it can feed a lot of mouths, but also the leftovers are still tasty and good to eat the next day. Either way, home made or ordered online, it’s always a delicious meal.


pasta bolognese tastyfind

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It’s a classic! Every single Italian restaurant has this dish on their menu. It’s tasty and usually one of the cheapest options on the menu. You can have cheese and pepper on top of it to add something extra to the flavours.



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The first impression is that they were trying make a pizza and then something  went wrong  and to cover it up, they decided to hide it by folding the pizza. In fact, there is nothing wrong with it – it’s easy to cook, equally delicious the day after it was cooked, no need for a fork & knife and great to use a combination of leftovers such as steak, grilled vegetables, chicken, feta and goat cheese. If you order online or from a restaurant, you ‘ll probably get the same size as a regular pizza. But you can also find some smaller doses that are good for takeaway.

In the UK and particularly in London it is very easy to find an Italian takeaway restaurant that does delivery. Most of them nowadays do delivery and we can find a couple of them on every UK postcode.

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