TASTYFIND at Takeaway Expo 2015


Last week, TASTY FIND was fortunate enough to be part of the Takeaway Expo at ExCel London. The Takeaway Expo is the biggest event in Europe for the takeaway industry, and it was a real honour to be a part of this event, and to be featured alongside other key players in the takeaway industry.
We put a lot of thought into how to make our booth stand out from the rest, and after a lot of different ideas we decided on a Post-It logo. It may have taken a while to put together, but it was definitely worth it. We felt that it was the perfect solution: a creative and innovative logo for our creative and innovative brand.
While there were several other creative booths at the Expo, our favourite was the one featuring an incredible Gordon Ramsay lookalike. All throughout the Expo we heard people whispering “Did you see that Gordon Ramsay is here?!” We have to admit, we fell for it at first, too!

TASTYFIND with Gordon ramsey

One of the best parts of the Expo was the opportunity to interact with takeaway restaurant owners and managers and hear their ideas and opinions about the industry. The takeaway industry only exists because of small business owners who work hard to provide us with delicious takeaway meals, so it was wonderful to hear what they had to say and how they might be able to work with TASTY FIND in the future.

We also enjoyed meeting fellow innovators in the takeaway industry, working hard on apps and websites to make takeaway even better. One great example of a company like this is Biteappy, which helps people with food allergies or special diets find suitable (an delicious) takeaway meals online.  Another great company is Fuudey.com, which helps small restaurants and takeaways set up their own apps – an essential part of operating in such a competitive and digitally driven world.
Most of all, it was wonderful to see people’s reactions to TASTY FIND. Reactions and feedback were overwhelmingly positive! People loved our user-friendly interface and how easy it is to use TASTY FIND to find the best online deal for a delicious takeaway meal. And of course, everyone loved our Post-It logo!
Overall, our main “takeaway” from the Expo (See what we did there?) was the fact that the future of the takeaway industry is 100% online. More and more, people are using apps and websites to order their meals as quickly and easily as possible. TASTY FIND is so excited to be a part of the revolution!

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