Vietnamese Takeaway Dishes

Vietnamese food is tasty and has a unique flavour that is all its own. Some of the more common ingredients include fresh herbs, shrimp paste and fish sauce alongside spices such as ginger and mint. This cuisine is also quite healthy and it is thus very popular around the world. What are five truly delectable Vietnamese takeaway dishes which are certain to make your mouth water?

Banh Cuon 


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This Vietnamese takeaway order online is a perennial favourite. Banh Cuon is a steamed rice dish that is very similar to a delicate cake in its consistency. Mushrooms and pork are two other common ingredients found within the sheets of rice. Banh Cuon can be topped with fried shallots, shrimp or scallions.


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Pho is one type of the many different noodle soups found within Vietnam. It can make a great starter dish alongside other takeaway foods. It is normally served with steamed chicken or beef. However, the addition of herbs and vegetables gives this soup a truly unique taste. Some common ingredients include bean sprouts, basil, onions and mint. Chilli powder or fish sauce can be added to give the soup a bit of an extra “kick” when desired.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls


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Otherwise known as Goi Cuon, these spring rolls are actually a bit more diminutive than their Chinese counterparts. Please note that these are not fried and the term “Goi Cuon” literally translates to “salad rolls”. So, they can be a healthy alternative for anyone who is looking to monitor their diet. They can be filled with greens, spices and pork or shrimp on occasion. Many will choose to dip these rolls into a tasty sauce such as soy. This will help to further accentuate the overall flavour.

Banh Xeo

banh xeo

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Banh Xeo can be translated into English as meaning “fried pancake”. Some will state that it looks very similar to a tortilla, but the flavour is definitely much different. The main ingredients are coconut milk, tumeric and flour. Then, other constituents such as bean sprouts, pork and shrimp are added into the mix. An excellent way to enjoy this takeaway suggestion is to wrap it in a few leaves of lettuce.

Banh Ran

banh ran

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This can be considered the “finger food” of Vietnamese takeout. Banh Ran is a crispy ball flavoured with sesame seeds and a paste known as sweet mung on the inside. They are deep fried to add a bit of snap to the palate. Banh Ran is frequently a dessert after the main course is offered although they are just as appropriate for a standalone snack.

These are only five of the countless Vietnamese foods to be enjoyed. Thanks to our selection of takeaway restaurants, it has never been easier to place a Vietnamese takeaway order online. If you are a fan of eastern food and wish to experience some truly delectable dishes, be sure to try the five that were previously mentioned. Your mouth and your stomach will certainly not be disappointed.

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