We are all hooked with takeaways!

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Takeaways seem to be the solution for our fast-paced life. This is proven in numbers. Each Brit on average spends 110 pounds each month and consumes 12 takeaways.  Ordering takeaway has never been this popular and the quality of service seems to be better than ever.

It’s consensual: there is no fuss, no mess, and it’s delicious! It is easy to fall in love with the speed, ease, cheapness, and diversity of food. Can we ask for more?? It is no surprise to see that fancy high-end restaurants are being replaced by takeaway meals. The face of ‘fast food’ is changing! The popularity of takeaway food might have been boosted by the current economic downturn, but it is also fair to say that the service has improved significantly.

There are several myths about takeaway food that do not make any sense in today’s world. First, a reasonable (rather cheap) pricing doesn’t mean compromised quality. Consumers are looking for something reasonable, quick, and easy but that has a good standard. Take the pioneering night food market, Street Feast, on London streets, the market is thriving with high quality food and vibrant energy: it’s a new trendy culture.


(Photo image: Street Feast in Dalston, theguardian, The Observer)

On top of that, the variety and selection of foods obtainable is ever increasing in the takeaway industry. Though there has always been an argument of home-cooked meals being better in its quality is changing today. Now that there are healthier options available for those who are health-conscious, our takeaway life is reaching its optimum era!

And for the new digitally interactive generation, the convenience of Internet has made ordering takeaway even easier and more efficient than ever.

Whether you are an advocate of good old dialing-phone-speaking-to-front-of-the-house or one-finger-click-away on your gadget, being able to look through menus from restaurants and dish up your breakfast, lunch, dinner anytime of the day with just one-finger click is undoubtedly one of the best inventions!

So, whether takeaway is a treat for you or it’s your lifestyle, we are here to help you find the best meal with the best deal! Ready to go and discover a tastyfind?

Here comes Tastyfind! (Quick sneaky peak for the curious bunch!)


We, TastyFind, want to help you find and discover the very best among all the selections we have to satisfy your taste buds, very best of tasty gem (where the company’s name comes from)! Our company’s logo represents our goal of making your takeaway life easier and better! (The logo is made up of three key elements; a really good plate of food, a magnifying glass to give you a detailed information and pinpoint map information to find a local restaurant near you) You will be able to find your local takeaway restaurants by narrowing down by location, customer’s reviews, price and using our intelligent search engine.

The fire red and orange colour in our Tasty T symbolizes our tasty dreams like those really delicious pizza and mouth-watering curry.  The background of a wood table and cutleries is to show how we just need to wait for a knock on the door and you can knife in your tasty meal! On Tastyfind, it’s so easy and fast to find the best meal with the best deal from a selection of thousands of takeaways and it’s only one click away!

And just one more cool thing about our website….

Are you struggling to keep free disk space on your mobile device so you can download new apps? No worries! We use a web responsive website which will provide a smooth experience across all screen sizes and devices. We worked hard to develop a faster and more functional website, which will use a flat design layout.

Make sure you are not paying more than you should on your next takeaway order!


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