What to eat on Good Friday

Traditionally, Good Friday is the day Christians remember the day when Jesus was said to have been crucified on the cross.  So what to eat on Good Friday?Some Christians choose to fast on Good Friday, but many more opt to eat only fish, so what to eat on Good Friday? It is traditional to eat warm ‘hot cross buns’ on Good Friday, which were traditionally sold by street vendors in the olden days who sang a song about them.
Historically, since about the second century of Christianity, Christians abstained from eating meat on Good Friday, and each Friday during lent, as a kind of sacrifice and reminder of their faith. Many Catholics also prefer to eat only fish on Good Friday, and Ash Wednesday.With so many delicious takeaway food providers on our takeout food website, there are plenty of delicious fish dishes to choose from to eat on Good Friday, whether you are religious or not, and take away the stress of cooking fish if you are not a culinary gifted chef.

Why not try some plain or beer battered traditional fish and chips, Thai coconut fish curry, Indian cod curry, a scrumptious fish burger, salmon pizza or some Italian lobster pasta?   Whatever you fancy, find your ideal Good Friday fish lunch or dinner on www.Tastyfind.co.uk


Thai Coconut Fish Curry

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