Winter-warmer takeaway dishes to “takeaway” the winter blues

Coming into the last week of November, we are right into the wintry season. November has definitely brought the chill and perhaps some achoo! Christmas lights on every corner of the streets and Christmas songs over the radio and festive mood is up. Yet we still have a few weeks to endure until the holidays you’ve been waiting for (when you can just spend whole day wearing your pjs with a big steamy cuppa while watching TV pointlessly and diving into your mom’s cooking). Yes, we are in need of serious winter dishes that hug our heart with the bundle of warmth.

What does your stomach tell you when the weather gets chilly?

The Classics

Food and recipe websites are abundant of lists for comfort eating. The classics cry out to us and hug our heart with a bundle of joy! Naming a few; steamy hot oven-baked dishes (like Cottage pie, Chicken pot pie), One of the Briton’s most popular takeaway dishes of all time Fish and Chips, hearty wholesome veggie soups with winter veggies and sweet temptation of puddings with woozing chocolaty sauce.


(fish ‘n’ chips- the amazing-ness of this national dish is seriously overlooked. When it’s done properly, it’s just so good. Flaky but moist white flesh in crispy batter and fluffy hot chips with a good squeeze of lemon and tartar sauce is something to die for! Photo:


(Steaming hot bowl of winter veggie soup…hmmmm…..with pumpkins, sweet potatoes, what’s your favourite winter veg? Photo:

We dare say those British classics deserve world recognition!

Aside from the goodness of our foods, as a nation we are also good with Food-spotting around the globe! So here we are, we want to dish out a list of deserving winter-warmers with an international touch.

International (Asian, Oriental and Mexican)

They know what to do when given good oil, herbs and spices like garlic and ginger. It hits everybody’s taste. It goes without saying that Indian curries are almost one of the Britain’s national dishes! Spicy and aromatic nation’s favourite Madras and Jalfrezi heat up our body and heart, no doubt. And oriental foods such as Chinese stir-fries have proven its popularity among Britons by swooping down Indian takeaways recently. Apart from popular stir-frys, we absolutely love their soups such as hot and sour soup. And how about steamed dumplings, which is packed with a juice of meat, seafood and vegetable with every bite? Winter warmers could potentially be on the fatty caloric side. But our favourite Oriental dishes might hit the spot of those who are health-consicous as well if you choose the dishes carefully by going for steamed dishes?


(Dumplings- Hot and steamy, when you bite in, meat juice will wooze out….Photo:

The next biggest comer of Asian dishes is Thai. It’s not an exaggeration to say Thai dishes have already established its place in british tastebud fair. With the aromatic coco- nutty Chicken Green curry, the perfect combination of flavour and colourful sweet, sour, hot Phai thai noodles. And there is Tom Yum Goong. It’s got plesant acidity and tang. It could make your scarf fly!).

Slightly on the sweeter-side, it’s Korean and Japanese. Slowly yet surely Korean cuisine is gaining recognition. They know exactly what it is to put good meat, veggies and carbs together and how it should be done. Dishes like Bibimbap and Bulgogi, represents the balanced combination of meat and veggies with Korean spicy and sweet sauce make our heart warmer and fonder. Ramen is another name most people must have heard along with Sushi for Japanese food. It’s a noodle soup dish made with soft (but not sloppy) noodle in slow- cooked meat (or fish) broth. Another one is Sukiyaki, which is a meat fondue with veggies in a sweet salty soy-based soup. What can be better than making a friendly circle around a fondue pot with your mates?


(Sukiyaki- Japanese beef fondue- Simply the perfection! Photo:

Might not be the biggest in the country but Tex-Mex like Red-hot Chilli con carne and fajitas is very popular. Good lean meat and beans make it such nutricious meals but it still tastes naughty and satisfying for our wintery night.


(Chilli con carne- One plate packed full of experience, so hearty and satisfying…! Photo:

What’s your favourite winter takeaway dish? We want to hear from you!


As November is coming to an end…

You might be excited or might be tired of planning a Christmas dinner before the break? Why don’t you order fabulous takeaway meals this year instead of calling up a catering agency? Just as restaurants and pubs, takeaway restaurants carry winter menus too! So why don’t you chique-up a little this year while being kind to your wallet!

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