The words every boyfriend dreads asking; ‘What do you want to eat?’

We’ve all been there; it’s getting late, you haven’t eaten or planned what to cook, and there’s nothing in the fridge.  Then arises the words every boyfriend dreads asking; what do you want to eat?

You turn to your girlfriend (or boyfriend), generously offering to treat them to a takeaway tonight and they politely respond they’ll eat whatever you fancy. Cue couples’ food war when every suggestion you make is answered with a response of ‘No, I don’t fancy that’ and ‘But you said you’d have whatever I fancy?’  Hence the words every boyfriend dreads asking; ‘what do you want to eat?’

Slowly but surely, tempers start to rise and frustration and hangry hunger emotions cling to your quickly evaporating patience. So, why is it so hard to choose something to eat?

Women are allegedly the worst culprits for this, but we’ve all had our moments. We think it’s down to there being too much amazing takeout options now; in addition to the fact once you get in a hangry state, it’s hard to focus and make such important decisions quickly.

For women, they are often weighing-up whether they should stick to their diet as much as possible, or throw the healthy eating pan out of the window for one night. Or perhaps they’re just not that hungry? Either way, deciding what to eat has become a top trending argument for couples in the UK.

P.S. If a lady replies ‘Surprise me?’ she often already has an idea of what she does and does not want in her head; so try and coax out the yes, no and maybe lists, then make that oh-so-important decision like your life depends on it.   We’ll leave you with this idea to keep you amused at such an emotionally difficult and challenging time…


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