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    Working hours: From 07:30 AM to 06:00 AM
    (Hours or availability may differ due to COVID-19)

    Address: Unit 12&12a Lower Mall The Harlequin Shopping Centre, - WD17


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    Does Starbucks (Harlequin Centre) offer delivery?
    Yes, Starbucks (Harlequin Centre) offers delivery and you can check at TastyFind if they deliver to your door.

    Does Starbucks (Harlequin Centre) offer takeaway?
    Yes, Starbucks (Harlequin Centre) offers takeway.

    How many stars has Starbucks (Harlequin Centre)?
    Starbucks (Harlequin Centre) has 6 stars.

    What type of food does Starbucks (Harlequin Centre) deliver?
    Starbucks (Harlequin Centre) delivers .

    Do Starbucks (Harlequin Centre) has their menu online?
    Yes, Starbucks (Harlequin Centre) menu is online and you can find it at TastyFind.

    What is the exact location of Starbucks (Harlequin Centre)?
    Starbucks (Harlequin Centre) is located at Unit 12&12a Lower Mall The Harlequin Shopping Centre,, WD17, Watford.

    Is there any current discount available for Starbucks (Harlequin Centre)?
    You can find if the restaurant has any discounts available at TastyFind.