Girls night in

Since the recession, more people have opted to dine in on weekends and special occasions. This trend has seen less people eating in fancy restaurants, and more people allocating budgets to update their home décor in order to entertain guests at home.

There’s nothing worse than rushing from work to meet friends at a new restaurant, and being bitterly let down by the quality of food and service. We’re reborn stay at home warriors these days, and take great pride and joy in hosting Friday night soirees in our homes for friends.

Hosts often worry that guests will get bored without the distractions of public dining, but if executed correctly, you really can host a ridiculously fun night.

Here are a few steps to follow in order to host the ultimate girl’s night in;

1. Keep things simple; put on background music, put out nibbles and order in takeout food. This way everyone can choose what they want (like in a restaurant) and there’s less stress and clearing up to do.

2. Have 3 or 4 drink options; red wine, white wine, cocktails and good old vodka usually go down best with the ladies.  Check out some scrumptious cocktail recipes here

3. Play drinking games; ring of fire is possibly one of the funniest games known to woman, but I Have Never and the original classic Truth or Dare also always go down well.

4. Have a selection of comedy, thriller and horror movies in case you all decide to stay in all evening rather than hit a late night bar or club.  The movie Bridesmaids is always goes down a treat on a girls night in!


5. If you plan on just hosting pre-drinks before hitting a local nightclub, order taxis at least an hour in advance to beat the weekend rush

6. Vodka jelly is always a good idea!

7. Use the shabby chic acceptance of serving cocktails in jars to achieve effortless cool with minimal effort and Voila! You have successfully hosted a momentous occasion with very little effort required!


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