How to become a delivery driver in the UK

If you enjoy being out and about and like meeting new people, a takeaway delivery driver may be the perfect job for you! Here we’ll take a look at what you need to do in order to secure a delivery driver job in the UK.

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You might need your own transport so you can carry out the takeaway deliveries. – Image source:

What does a delivery driver job involve?

In order to work as a delivery driver for a takeaway company you will need to be able to carry out the following duties:

  • Collecting orders from the takeaway
  • Loading your vehicle with the orders
  • Planning route to make sure deliveries are made on time
  • Delivering orders to the right addresses
  • Collecting money from the customer
  • Giving change to the customer
  • Offering a good customer service
  • Delivering the money to the takeaway company
  • Recording mileage for your fuel allowance
  • Returning undelivered orders and reporting any problems

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In order to be a delivery driver you will need to hold a full UK driving licence. Image source:

Driving licence requirements

In order to get a delivery driver job at a takeaway or fast food restaurant you will need to hold a full UK driving licence. Some companies may require you to have a clean licence (i.e. one without any points for driving penalties.)

Some takeaway businesses may require you to have your own vehicle, which you can use to deliver the orders. Others may supply you with a company vehicle. If you are using your own car or motorbike, you will need to make sure your insurance covers business use. If you are not insured for takeaway deliveries then you could end up getting fined and penalised.


Whilst you shouldn’t need any formal qualifications to be a delivery driver in the UK, it will help to have good English and maths skills. Being able to speak fluent English is a must, as you will be communicating with customers at the door. You may also need math skills so you can work out your customers’ change. Some restaurants will also value additional language speakers too, e.g. Polish, Urdu, French, Spanish, etc. as this can help communicate with a wider proportion of the population.

Responsibilities and requirements of a delivery driver

Although we have already discussed some of the requirements of delivery drivers in the UK, you will also need the following…


Good time keeping – In order to be a good delivery driver you need to make sure your takeaway orders reach customers on time. If the order is late, the customer may not be satisfied, so timeliness is a must.


Sound knowledge of the area – As a delivery driver you will be required to drop off orders within the takeaway’s local area. It is therefore good to make sure you have sound knowledge of the place you’ll be working. Of course you can use a Sat-Nav or roadmap but having a good sense of direction always helps.


Great customer service – Part of your job will involve dealing with customers, so you’ll need to be polite, friendly and helpful. Offering a great customer service is essential, as the customer will be much more likely to use the takeaway again and give it good feedback online. You never know, it may even get you a few extra tips too!


Ability to work flexible hours – Takeaways are usually open weekday evenings and weekends, however some are open all day, everyday. Being able to work flexible hours will give you a good chance of securing a deliver driver job in the UK. It’s likely that your shifts will vary from day-to-day, so you need to be able to handle this.


Applying for a delivery driver job

If you want to work as a delivery driver, you will usually need to either drop off your CV at the takeaway you want to work for or fill in their application form. Some takeaways may require you to carry out a trial shift to check that you are competent in doing the job (and enjoy it too). You will usually get paid after your shift or on a weekly basis – it all depends on where you work.


We hope this has provided you with all the information you need on how to become a delivery driver in the UK!



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