It’s a sticky and sweet business! (Part1) Winter-warmer desserts



A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!’ No matter how you interpret this famous quote from Ms. Poppins’ enchanting song, we all agree on one thing: sugar always sweetens our mood! When we are going through some tough times, we crave for something rich and sweet. The magic is that boost of energy and the instant lift-up of our mood. All our problems and misery seem to melt away with just a spoonful of sweet pleasure. Though sugar is undoubtedly one of the bad guys when it comes to its health effects we are going to be completely biased this week and say Yes! to sugar (whether it’s Friday night decadence or when in need of a pick-me-up on your bad day, it’s not so bad, right?).

When the cold weather makes our body shiver, a steamy cuppa does the job already but after a hard long winter day we would suggest “Have your cake and eat it too!” The rich and sweet yumminess of winter desserts definitely makes us feel happy and relaxes us.
On that note, continuing ‘Winter takeaways to “takeaway” winter blues’, this week, it’s all about our favourite P.U.D!!

-The classics-

There are so many to choose from, so many ingredients and combinations; sponge-base, pancake, crepe, biscuity, jams, custard, ice cream, winter fruits, spices (cinnamon, ginger), even veggies. We never get tired of these classics. Their comforting joy of sweetness speaks for itself.

Sticky toffee pudding

What’s better than the nation’s favourite- sticky toffee pudding? Very moist sponge, covered in abundance of luscious caramel sauce. Yes it’s something to die for!




Simple yes, boring NO! Yes, it’s a crumble. Is your favourite apple? rhubarb? pear? red berries? Crumble is such a great way to showcase the goodness of fruits. Our favourite is Apple and rhubarb crumble. The combination of sweet and sourness, mixed with buttery crumbles, piping hot from the oven. All your problems will crumble away.



          Rice pudding

If it’s not for egg fried rice or biryani, probably the best rice dish of all. It’s creamy but not sloppy, chunky but not stodgy. With a sprinkle of winter berries and cinnamon on top, it brings you a yummy wintry nostalgia.

          Chocolate fondant

Yep, it’s the queen of all chocolate dessert, fondant. Is it a sponge cake? Is it a mousse? Or is it a truffle? It’s the best of all chocolate dessert. When you knife in the fondant, chocolate sauce oozes out. When it’s done in perfection, it’s just heaven. We will tirelessly and shamelessly scrape the last drop of the sauce off the plate.



The hidden players of all sweet are custard cream and ice cream. They can be added on the side to your takeaway order to add extra richness to your dessert. Though ice cream is not exactly the typical wintry desserts (except peeps from down under, of course!), let’s face it- It’s the most listed dessert in takeaway menus. And it can be even comforting when you are wrapped up tight and warm on your couch at home (it’s a sweet relationship between the tub of ice cream, me and Mr. Spoon!) But their power as key players get even more accentuated when added to puddings. It’s the Ying and Yang of dessert world- hot and cold- it’s genius!

So this was the list of deserving winter Classics we whisked up! What’s your favourite classic dessert?

Next time we will be digging into a selection of winter desserts from around the globe!

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