Why we love takeaway food so much

Takeaway food has never been so versatile and exciting!  We’re lucky in the UK to have a vast range of takeout food to choose from at low prices, and this is why we love takeaway food so much as a nation.

Home-cooked meals are of course equally delicious, but there is something we’re all guilty of (particularly in London); we spend over 30% of our week at work and over 33% sleeping, which leaves just 37% of our weekly lives to ourselves.

We forget that life is for living; not just working to pay the bills. How fast can you whip together a delicious home-cooked meal in-between getting home at 6pm, and getting ready and meeting friends by 8pm? Ordering takeout gives you more time to relax after work, cleanup before any pre-drinks guests arrive and make yourself look pretty; leaving you more time to appreciate your reflection in the mirror and take 20 identical selfies…important stuff.

Since the recession, eating-in has become the new dining-out, as all generations protested against the high cost of eating out in mediocre restaurants, and tightened their purse strings. A combination of the recession and the smoking ban saw less party goers going out to clubs and bars, opting instead to entertain friends at home for pre-drinks or for the whole duration.

Cooking for people is stressful; that’s why we choose not to cook on the weekends.   The weekend is your time to relax, enjoy life and to, basically, be lazy, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

With our takeaway price comparison website, you can find takeout that costs around the same (or even less), as buying ingredients to cook from scratch. Besides, ordering takeout is kind of like having your own personal chef (nearby), therefore you are experiencing the millionaire lifestyle; living the dream! Happy no cooking weekend peeps!


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