The last supper of the year – What to eat during the New Year’s Celebration!



Tastyfind hopes that you all had an amazing Christmas with lots of tasty treats. We certainly did! Now that all the mayhem of Boxing Day Sales is over, the year’s biggest celebration, New Year, is just right here! Our excitement during this holiday season reaches its peak! All the goods and bads that happened this year will be washed away, put in our closet, and we can start afresh. What have you planned to do on New Year’s Eve and during the first hours of 2014? Following our suggestion for Christmas meal takeaways, we are again braving to whisk up a list of celebration meals for the year’s biggest celebration!

Celebration night-out

Fireworks (a Hot soup dish, and onto handheld pickups)!

Are you planning to spend it with millions of people along the Thames, gushing over the iconic London fireworks (or any other amazing fireworks such as one in Birmingham, Edinburgh or at your locals for that matter!)? Though the excitement usually takes over the night chill, those last hours of waiting and minutes spending out in the cold can be really tough and need some chin-ups to stay brave. So before you head out we would suggest a hot bowl of ramen noodles. Ramen was one of the most talked-about dishes in 2013. The steaming hot truly heartwarming broth with al dente eggy noodles!! It heats up your body instantly and gets you ready for the cold night-out! Why don’t you tuck into the bowl of ramen noodles while pondering over the year 2013’s memories? Then while you are out feeling peckish, why don’t you get a juicy Kebab in pita bread or some slices of Pizza? These handheld foods are the obvious best tasty choice in a big crowd!


(Ramen: One of the most-talked about dishes of the year photo:

Partying hard, clubbing (and Spicy aromatic treats to spice up your night even more)!

Are you planning to party hard and dance away to the New Year? Fun fun fun with lots of booze and pouring-down-music over you! We’d say the answer is the juicy and spicy. We need our stomach ready for the night-out of the year. Portuguese favourite, Charcoal grilled Peri Peri chicken and Carribean favourite, Jerk chicken are both chicken marinated in amazing juice of herbs and spices. They are a hot tasty sensation just like those hip Jamaican beat! They can be served on its own or in pita bread, with chips and rice. Down them and you’re ready to hit the road!


(Jerk chicken: Hot tasty sensation!

Celebration night-in

Having a celebration party at home, counting down with a big group (Party platters!)

Organising a party at home? How about party platters? Though seafood platters might be a bit of a stretch we could totally have some amazing party foods! From Italian antipasti like Bruschetta with herbs and tomatoes to Cheese platter, French starters like pâté with a toasted mini-bread and mini-quiche, everyone’s favourite like Fried scampi and chicken drumsticks, mini sushi balls to your favourite onion Bhajis and samosas! Or maybe feeding the hungry bunch with some tapas meals from your favourite Spanish takeaways? These platter foods are so easy to be hand-picked and taken along while chatting to your people sitting down on sofa or standing up sipping a glass of bubbly. No fuss, no mess, just nibbling on, glazing through the night! Guests will always find something they like and you can be remembered as the best host of the year!


(Yummy party platters! photo:


Celebrating at home, having banters with friends (over Chinese yum yum!)

You’re not feeling up to chilly weather this year? Then cosying up at home with your mates is just what you need. It’s so nice to feel warm and cosy and it’s never boring if it’s with all the banters with your mates! We suggest Chinese foods, of course! Though Chinese New Year is still sometime away, they will be here to make your celebration a tasty one. Some nice dim-sums packed full of dreams? Start off with prawn cocktails and spring rolls and onto your noodle dish, sweet and sour or chili infused stir-fries. It’s your call. And don’t forget to crack up fortune cookies and have some insights into the New Year!

Celebrating with your family just enjoying each other’s company (Forking into Fish and Chips!)

Need a break from a heavy turkey-ladened table and give your mom some break, you can all tuck into a nice plateful of the classic British favourite Fish and Chippies. Just like old times enjoy each other’s company. Let the new year begin with succulent fish and crispy fluffy chippies and come right the happy 2014!

……and don’t forget your glass of bubbly!

And don’t forget to get some bubbly! Are you afraid of not having enough booze in stock? No sweat! Call up your local all-night alcohol takeaways and you’re sorted for the big countdown! It doesn’t need to be a glass of Champagne! It could be your favourite glass of Rosé or just a nice bottle of chilled beers, or your own cocktails!!

So here we are. 2013 is coming to an end! And when we look back, there was always FOOD! Food is always there to see us through and give us the “pick-me-ups” and never disappoint us. Food and people have always been an inspiration to us. We are ever more excited to share our journey with you and get you the tastyfind next year. It’s been so great sharing this blog page with our readers! Stay tuned and let’s discover some more tastyfinds in 2014! Tastyfind wishes you an amazing entrance to the New Year!! Auld Lang Syne, peeps!!


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