Our pizza-obsessed nation

Pizza is one of the most popular takeaway options globally, and we have to admit, we are totally crazy about this dish!   Why? Because  it’s simple and everyone likes it; you can choose or design your own toppings, share it easily with friends, it’s quick, it’s delicious.  We could go on and on…

We’ve been doing a little research, and we’re simply amazed at the type of flavors our crazy nation and neighboring countries can now buy;

You may have heard about this one in the press.  Pizza Hut playfully released an advert launching a Cadbury’s Crème Egg stuffed crust recipe. Since clarified it was just a PR stunt; we were wondering how those flavors would work…

Cadbury’s Crème Egg Pizza

New Zealanders are tucking into the rather delicious looking cheeseburger pizza (hut); what’s not to love?

cheeseburger pizza

The Dominoes hot dog-stuffed recipe; we’re not sure how we feel about this one, but we will be adding this to our bucket list

Pizza Hut Hot Dog stuffed crust pizza

Dominoes in Taiwan offers peanut sauce-stuffed crust; call us boring, but we’re not too keen on this one

peanut sauce-stuffed crust

The pizza artisans have listened, and most establishments now offer reduced fat options appropriate for diets, such as Pizza Hut’s Skinny Beach

Pizza Hut's Skinny Beach

We feel like getting a little creative, so we would like to invite you pizza-loving readers to invent the ultimate pizza recipe.  You can draw and label a diagram of your invention, or bake one especially for us and send us in your photos along with your ingredients list. Happy experimenting!

Whatever your flavor, find the local pizza of your dreams 24 hours a day at www.tastyfind.co.uk


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